Capernaum - Wilderness Ranch Trip


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all your prayers during our trip to Wilderness Ranch in Creede, Colorado. Last week we joined a group from Midland and brought 3 Capernaum Campers to Wilderness Ranch. This is the 2nd year that Capernaum has ever been part of a Wilderness Camp Trip. This is a trip I will not soon forget; to say it was an adventure would be an understatement. We had a lot of travel on the first 2 days of our trip, whether it was by plane or by car we were grateful for the Lord’s protection over our group.

  Our Group had such an amazing time. We were all set to begin our 10-mile round trip journey to Regan Lake, not too far from Wilderness Ranch Base Camp. During our trip we got to experience long hikes, setting up camp, hail storms, and jumping off waterfalls. Backpacking can be tough and on long trips like this one you face some adversity. We were so blessed to get many glimpses of our campers helping each other every step of the way from pitching tents to making it up steep hills. We watched our friends push through every obstacle put in front of them.

  We learned so much about backpacking and camping but even more about the Lord. We saw the Lord at work in each of our campers and the way they became vulnerable and honest with the guides and leaders. One of the goals for our campers was to help them get a glimpse into what it looks like to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It was so encouraging to watch our campers read the Bible and journal about what they were learning. We pressed to see our kids dig deeper into what they were learning and it was so wonderful to see the results. We focused on the topic of being fully known and fully loved by God. We worked through Psalm 139 over our trip and focused on the fact that God knows everything about us, he knows what’s behind us and what is ahead of us. I was so encouraged to see our campers, Reese and Caroline, dive deeper into what they read and to see them be vulnerable and honest in how they felt reading through the passage. The Lord was at work in these two and I am so excited to see what he has in store for them!