Young Life - Frontier Ranch

We had an incredible trip to Frontier Ranch this year! We had the opportunity to take a group of freshman on their first ever summer Young Life trip. One of my favorite things about Frontier is the surprises that happen throughout the week. Getting to watch the expressions on kids faces transform from when they get off the bus to the smiles they have by the end of the week is life changing.

Throughout the week Steve, our camp speaker, shared the story of Christ and explained our need for a savior.  Some of the most impactful times were our discussions back in the cabin where our kids were able to open up and share their thoughts. Highland Park is not an easy place to grow up. It was incredible to hear a couple of our guys in particular process the good news of Christ with along with their own story.

Thank you to everyone that was praying for us and this trip. Your prayers were greatly needed and appreciated. Let's praise God for another wonderful trip to Frontier. Thank Him for being so faithful with who he brings on this trip. What I love about what we get to do is that it doesn't stop on the bus home. This is just the beginning!