Capernaum - Wilderness Ranch Trip


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all your prayers during our trip to Wilderness Ranch in Creede, Colorado. Last week we joined a group from Midland and brought 3 Capernaum Campers to Wilderness Ranch. This is the 2nd year that Capernaum has ever been part of a Wilderness Camp Trip. This is a trip I will not soon forget; to say it was an adventure would be an understatement. We had a lot of travel on the first 2 days of our trip, whether it was by plane or by car we were grateful for the Lord’s protection over our group.

  Our Group had such an amazing time. We were all set to begin our 10-mile round trip journey to Regan Lake, not too far from Wilderness Ranch Base Camp. During our trip we got to experience long hikes, setting up camp, hail storms, and jumping off waterfalls. Backpacking can be tough and on long trips like this one you face some adversity. We were so blessed to get many glimpses of our campers helping each other every step of the way from pitching tents to making it up steep hills. We watched our friends push through every obstacle put in front of them.

  We learned so much about backpacking and camping but even more about the Lord. We saw the Lord at work in each of our campers and the way they became vulnerable and honest with the guides and leaders. One of the goals for our campers was to help them get a glimpse into what it looks like to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It was so encouraging to watch our campers read the Bible and journal about what they were learning. We pressed to see our kids dig deeper into what they were learning and it was so wonderful to see the results. We focused on the topic of being fully known and fully loved by God. We worked through Psalm 139 over our trip and focused on the fact that God knows everything about us, he knows what’s behind us and what is ahead of us. I was so encouraged to see our campers, Reese and Caroline, dive deeper into what they read and to see them be vulnerable and honest in how they felt reading through the passage. The Lord was at work in these two and I am so excited to see what he has in store for them!

Young Life - Frontier Ranch

We had an incredible trip to Frontier Ranch this year! We had the opportunity to take a group of freshman on their first ever summer Young Life trip. One of my favorite things about Frontier is the surprises that happen throughout the week. Getting to watch the expressions on kids faces transform from when they get off the bus to the smiles they have by the end of the week is life changing.

Throughout the week Steve, our camp speaker, shared the story of Christ and explained our need for a savior.  Some of the most impactful times were our discussions back in the cabin where our kids were able to open up and share their thoughts. Highland Park is not an easy place to grow up. It was incredible to hear a couple of our guys in particular process the good news of Christ with along with their own story.

Thank you to everyone that was praying for us and this trip. Your prayers were greatly needed and appreciated. Let's praise God for another wonderful trip to Frontier. Thank Him for being so faithful with who he brings on this trip. What I love about what we get to do is that it doesn't stop on the bus home. This is just the beginning! 


Capernaum - Texas Camp


Hello Everyone, thank you for all your prayers during our Texas Camp we held in Dallas. We had 15 campers join us on this trip along with Capernaum groups from Houston, North Dallas, and Arlington. We had such a fun time participating in fun events around Dallas, hanging out with friends at our hotel, and going to club to learn about Jesus!
The trip was full of fun! We were able to go to Hawaiian Falls our first full day of camp, and it was an absolute blast! It was great watching our campers conquer fears of big slides and have fun doing it! One thing that always stands out when we have large group events is the kindness of others outside of our group. One of our campers Will had saw a group of teens eating ice cream and expressed his interest in getting some. The teens must have heard him because about 10 minutes later we walked out of a pool to see the same teens with a bowl of ice cream with Will's name on it. It was such an awesome moment, seeing the joy on both Will's face as well as the kids who brought him the ice cream is something I won't soon forget. Over the next few days, we also spent time looking at Dinosaurs and other cool exhibits at the Perot Museum. We also spent time spent driving Go-Karts, playing arcade games, and winning lots and lots of tickets at Amazing Jakes!
We had a great time going to Club and having Cabin time with our group! We talked about trusting in the Lord to conquer some of the fears we may have in our lives. We talked about the story of Peter and Jesus walking on water. Our own Grant Hibbard and Will Demers acted out the parts of Jesus and Peter during our club talks. Both our leaders and campers were able to dig deeper into some of the fears they may have; whether it was in school or with work. I think hearing that the Lord always has a hand extended to lead us or pick us up when we are down was a great message for our campers to hear. We all struggle with different fears in our lives, but the comfort that the Lord brings us in whatever we are going through is so calming and reassuring. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with all our friends, and I am already looking forward to next year!

Club Update!

Monday was our second club of the semester! It was a great one to follow up our first club last week. There were a lot of new freshman and sophomore guys that showed up, which was awesome! Everyone brought a ton of energy into club.

At a little after 7:30 kids flooded down the stairway to the club room. We started the night with a couple rounds of number farkle to stir the room up. Music was especially great as everyone was singing at the top of their lungs all of club. Ronnie & Donnie made their first appearance to have a race to see who can put a frozen shirt on the fastest. I got to share from Genesis 1:26-27 about creation and how we are made in the image of God. Just as a work of art or creation points to its creator, the fact that we are made in God’s image and likeness points to Him. Within God’s creation we are incredibly unique and wired to have a relationship with Him.

Thank you for praying for us! Let’s thank God for a great night. There continues to be a lot of momentum. Thank Him for bringing a lot of new kids to club on a weekly basis. Please pray for our upcoming Ski Trip as we begin to get the word out and open sign-ups. Thank you for partnering with us to reach kids for Christ in HP!